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Keto Everyone’s Favorite Breakfast Food Is Now Keto-Friendly

Everyone’s Favorite Breakfast Food Is Now Keto-Friendly

One of the main reasons why most people fail on the Keto Diet is lack of preparation. As you probably know by now, more so than other diets, to be successful, Keto requires work and effort.

From mindset to having your kitchen full of keto-approved items, you need to have an arsenal of weapons ready to resist any possible deviation.

One of the main strategies suggested by dietitians and other health professionals is meal prepping – pick a day to get your meals ready for the week, and you’ll have a much higher chance of success.

What excuse could you possibly have to not stick to the diet if you have everything you need at hand?

Now, while there are tons of easy-to-make recipes for lunches and dinners that can be prepared ahead of time, breakfast recipes can be a bit more tricky and time-consuming.

You wouldn’t want to eat 3-day old scrambled eggs and bacon, would you?

And that extra half an hour it takes to make a proper Keto breakfast can throw off your full schedule for the day! Our hectic lives can’t afford to waste any time, so that’s when you might have to resort to the quick sandwich or pastry.

Oh well! It’s only morning, and you just ruined your way to ketosis, so why not give a last hurrah to all your favorite non-keto foods and start again tomorrow…

This is a very common never-ending vicious circle that prevents people from reaching their weight loss goals with Keto.

And sure, there are lots of ready-to-eat Keto breakfast options in some stores, but most aren’t satisfying enough, and their nutritional values aren’t ideal.

I know what you are thinking… why can’t cereal be Keto-friendly?! The most practical and delicious breakfast food.

There is nothing more comforting than eating a big bowl of cereal on your kitchen table, or in front of the TV, and starting your day just like when you were a little kid.

But cereal is the bad boy of the health industry due to having some of the worst nutritional content, and you are trying to be healthy, so… better get realistic and set your alarm clock for one hour earlier to cook your breakfast.

Well, that would have been true about a year ago, but wait until you hear this!

After years of research, Greg and Gabi,  two “cereal entrepreneurs” (as they call themselves) figured out a guilt-free cereal that is a dream come true for any Keto dieter.

Magic Spoon cereal is the adult version of what you loved as a kid, without the sugar, carbs, or guilt.

One serving contains up to 6 times more protein than other breakfast cereal and only 3 grams of net carbs! That’s right, you can eat a full bowl of cereal and still have over half of your net carbs available for the rest of the day.

It comes in 5 different flavors, and regardless of it being gluten, grain, and GMO free, it tastes as yummy as you remember!

Magic Spoon is easy, quick, and nutritious. From now on, instead of dreading one more day of a restrictive diet, you can go to bed looking forward to your breakfast in the morning.

Learn more about Magic Spoon, the world’s best Keto cereal


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