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Keto 2-Minute Solution to Stay In Ketosis

2-Minute Solution to Stay In Ketosis

“Today is the first day of the rest of my life!”, that’s the first thought you force into your mind that morning of Day 1 of your Keto journey.

You made the decision to change your life, you feel strong and powerful. You get up and look in the mirror… wow! For some reason, you already look better than yesterday (even though you’ve only been carb free for 8 hours, and that’s because you were asleep…).

The old you is gone for good! Nothing can break your willpower. There is no way things won’t work out this time around, you are determined…you are a brand new person.

In only a few weeks, you will enter the room shining…everyone will be looking at you with admiration and ask “what you did to lose all that weight so fast.”

You are finally YOU. The Sky is only the limit!

Deep breath… back to reality… it is 7:30 a.m., and you are faced with your first challenge.  Egg omelette with cheese and bacon. “Sounds perfect! Not even a sacrifice, I love this! This is going to be SO easy!”

11 a.m. – snack time!  Yummy zucchini chips!

Lunch and dinner, also a piece of cake (well, ok..maybe not a “piece of cake” unless it was made with almond flour)!  Day 1 has successfully come to completion.

Day 2, another victory! You are on your way to a healthier you.

Day 3 starts off great! But… mid-morning, while at work, something starts to feel a bit off… fogginess and a slight headache begin to creep up. But nothing you can’t handle, you are committed!

A few more hours pass by, and you are not feeling better, and to make things even worse, you are feeling anxious and hungry… so hungry!  “Why is my coworker’s head looking like a gigantic cookie?”

“Arrgghhh OK, I can’t do it anymore! Today is not the day. I will prepare better, maybe buy some Keto treats to help me with these unstoppable cravings! I need to eat something carby to feel better now, I’ll get started again on Monday.”

And… back to Day 1 and out of Ketosis!

Sounds familiar?

The Keto Diet is unlike almost any other diet out there. The changes that your body experiences during the adaptation/detox stage, although short-term, can be quite uncomfortable and, for most people, a “deal and dream breaker.”

“So, what can I do to overcome this harsh phase and make it to the finish line?!”

There are definitely some keto-approved products and treats that you can consume to fight those cravings and feel more energized, but they can be a double-edged sword as they can put you at risk of exceeding your daily energy needs, and slow down your weight loss.

A healthy Keto diet should be about eating whole foods, not Keto-approved versions of junk foods.

“Then, what in the world could be a better alternative?! Why is this so hard?!”

You will be SHOCKED by the answer because it is actually NOT hard at all, and it only requires 2 minutes of your time…

100% natural Detox Tea is what you need.

Look and feel better in just 14 days! Drunk by thousands of babes worldwide!

Its combination of super ingredients not only helps suppress hunger and sugar cravings, but also helps with digestion (constipation can be another big concern when doing Keto, yikes!), boosts your energy levels and metabolism (you burn more fat!), and improves the overall body performance by helping get rid of toxins. 

That’s right, it is as simple as making yourself a few cups of detox tea a day! The best No-Calorie, 100% healthy, and Keto-approved solution.

And if you are looking for the best of the best, the scientists over at Hot Skinny Tea developed a recipe with 9-All Natural Super Ingredients that make it the perfect aid to your Keto journey.

And best of all.. it tastes delicious!

So now you know, and knowing is half the battle.

Weakness is human, but don’t let that be what prevents you from living your best life.  Get all the healthy help you can, and let tomorrow be your very last “Day 1”.

Want a flatter tummy? Start your journey with Hot Skinny Tea!


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