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Keto 10 Low-Carb Lunches for Your Low Carb Meal Plan

10 Low-Carb Lunches for Your Low Carb Meal Plan

When on a keto diet, counting carbs can be a drag, but there are plenty of lunch recipes that take the carb math out of the equation. What’s more, dishes like fried rice, Buddha bowls, and tacos can be low-carb and keto.

To make your lunch selection a breeze, this write-up features the top 10 low-carb and keto-friendly lunches. Feeling peckish? Dive right in.

1.       Cauliflower Keto Buddha Bowl

The regular Buddha bowl is full of fresh ingredients, but the thing is – they’re rich in carbs. The keto-friendly take on the recipe takes away the grains, replacing them with vegetables. Plus, there’s some collagen to get a healthy protein shot that’s good for your joints.

2.       Bell Pepper Sandwich

Yes, you’ve read that right, bell pepper is a good alternative to bread for sandwiches. And there is no right or wrong way to mix in the fillings as long as they are keto-friendly. Just imagine what it would taste like with some smoked turkey, mozzarella, and avocado. Add fresh basil for seasoning and you get an explosion of nutrients.

3.       Taco Salad

If you’re looking for a filling spicy lunch, taco salad might be right up your alley. It is free from chips and tortillas that would raise your blood sugar levels. However, it’s full of nutritious spices, herbs, and veggies. For example, this salad contains phytonutrient-rich arugula that does wonders for your brain.

4.       Shrimp Ceviche

Shrimp ceviche is great to add a touch of decadence to your keto-friendly lunch. The zesty citruses will excite your taste buds and the crunchy veggies are there to give it a palatable texture. Add shrimps and cilantro and you get a refreshing and satisfying meal.

5.       Spicy Fajitas

Believe it or not, Mexican cuisine is a great match for keto diet when you do away with tortillas and chips. What’s left is usually a bunch of vegetables, cheese, and meat. Spicy Fajitas are a perfect example and you can add cauliflower rice to soften up the taste just a little.

6.       Zesty Taco Cups

Since this dish doesn’t include the tortilla you can prepare it in advance. It’s juicy, flavorful, and spicy, plus the chili-lime combo gives it that distinct Mexican flavor. Feel free to make it tapas-style as these tacos are excellent brunch-time snacks.

7.       Zucchini Pasta

Love pasta, but hate carbs? Zucchini is the alternative you’re looking for. This vegetable can be cut into noodles – it’s soft but has the texture of al dente pasta. Add some parmesan, basil, olive oil, and seasonings and you have a light lunch with an elegant flavor profile.

8.    Onion Soup – French Style

Simple, yet heartwarming, French onion soup should become a staple for anybody who’s on a keto diet. This traditional dish is also rich in good fats and super simple to make. All you need is garlic, onions, bone broth, and a slice of grass-fed butter.

9.       Salmon Patties

One of the best things about salmon patties is their versatility. They work great in a sandwich or you can mix them in with your keto salad. Either way, the patties are quick to make and might easily become the next must-have thing in your lunch box.

10.   Pulled Beef Sando

This is the keto version of your favorite grandma’s barbeque recipe. it ditches almost all the carbs and calories but provides all the protein you need. And the taste? To tease your imagination a little, it’s as savory as the traditional sando, with a palatable tang you’re bound to like.

What’s for Lunch?

This list only scratches the surface of palatable low-carb keto lunches. But it’s more than a good place to start exploring the best keto foods. And you don’t need to be Gordon Ramsey to make these meals.


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